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28th of March 2023

US military is secretly planning to bring the Utah National guard : Bhim Rawal

Kathamandu. CPN-UML lawmaker Dr Bhim Rawal has accused that the Government is planning to bring Utah National Guard to Nepal without informing the leaders of the coalition.

Dr Rawal also said that Prime Minister Deuba’s wife Arju Rana has gone to India for advice before PM deuba visit to the US. He also accused the PM of secretly preparing to sign the State Partnership Program during his visit to the US.

According to Rawal, the PM’s wife Aarju Rana Deuba is currently in India for a consolation on the State Partnership Program. He said that the preparation of the State Partnership Agreement as per the plan to bring the Utah National Guard to Nepal is a very serious issue.

Speaking on the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliamentary Committee on International relations, Rawal also demanded that the Parliament should be informed about the preparations for the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States.

He accused the current coalition government of violating Nepal’s non-aligned and independent foreign policy.
Dr.Rawal objected to the visiting US Army General saying that the Nepal Army was a reliable ground force.

He also demanded that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister should come to the International Relations Committee for discussion. He said that it was serious for the Ministry of Defense and the Army to make preparations for the visit of the Prime Minister instead of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

He said, “We have written to make Nepal’s foreign policy non-aligned and independent. But now the government’s activities seem to have violated that policy and norms. What does it mean when a visiting US general says that Nepal Army is a reliable ground force ? Whose reliable ground army ? This raises concerns that United States is running a state partnership program called the State Partnership Program. Is Nepal a part of it ? Suspicion will arise. At the same time, there is a talk of the PM going on a visit to the US. Parliament should be informed about the PM’s visit. ”

He said the committee should not be only briefed by the foreign minister regarding the the PM’s visit to the United States .


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