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28th of March 2023

Rainfall brings relief to farmers in Mahottari

The scorching heat in the first week of New Year had afflicted people much. To this, the rainfall occurred last night became a huge relief to the farmers in Mahottari.

The rainfall not only contributed to decrease heat but also made it favorable atmosphere for farmers to till the land.

They are happy to till the cultivable land int he wake of rains.

Bindeshwor Yadav from Manahari of Bardibas-7 said they would now begin sowing corn, and millet and planting rice.

He further said rain removed the dryness. “It encourages us to till land for summer crops,” he added. Earlier, the storm had damaged the fragile plants and vegetables in the district. Chauthi Sardar Bantar from Bhangaha-4 said the storm damaged the litchi and mango trees which had just begun yielding fruits. 


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