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28th of March 2023

November 20 Elections: Jayanagar-Kurtha railway service to be closed for four days

The Jayanagar-Kurtha railway service is to be closed for four days beginning from Thursday in view of the voting for the elections to the Member of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly taking place on November 20.

According to the Nepal Railway Company, the service will be regular from Monday, November 21. The Nepal-India border in the district will be ceased before 72 hours of the voting day; that’s why the trans-border railway service has been decided to be halted.

Company general manager Niranjan Kumar Jha said the under-construction 70-kilometer railway service stretching from Jayanagar, India to Bardibas of Mahottari has been partially operated (35-kilometer Jaynagar-Kurtha section) since April 3.

Meanwhile, the District Administration Office, Dhanusha has said that its all services except those concerning peace and security will remain closed for five days: November 17 to 21.

Dhanusha’s Assistant Chief District Officer Anuj Bhandari said most of office employees have been deputed for the elections and the services will be largely closed for the five days.


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