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6th of December 2023

NARC preserves more than 18,000 varieties of 300 crops

Kathmandu. Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) has preserved more than 18,000 varieties of 300 crops so far for agro biodiversity conservation.

The NARC, which has preserved crops likes paddy, maize and wheat, has adopted a policy for conservation, promotion, utilization and species development of indigenous crops.

Executive Director of NARC, Dr Deepak Bhandari, said that different new varieties of crops with high yield and that adapt to climate change have been developed keeping research of food grains in priority in view of food security and the growing import of foods and agro products.

Production of paddy, maize and wheat has increased by 60, 120 and 140 per cent respectively, according to the NARC.
Varieties of wheat developed by NARC are planted on 94 per cent of total area under wheat cultivation.

It is believed that such varieties of wheat would contribute to saving Rs 17 billion to the country in terms of import substitution.