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6th of December 2023

Lumbini Province government provides Dashain expenses to Raute community of Surkhet

Tulasipur (Dang). Lumbini Province government has provided Dashain expenses to Raute Community of Surkhet district.

Ministry of Economic Affairs of Lumbini Province government provided Dashain expenses to Rautes reached at the Ministry today demanding it. Economic Affairs Ministry Dhan Bahadur Maski handed over Rs 25,000 to Raute leader Birkha Bahadur Shahi, Lal Bahadur Shahi and Jeevan Shahi.

The Raute community has been demanding expenses in different festivals—Teej, Dashain and Tihar – every year. They had been asking Dashain expenses at government offices in Dang and its surrounding areas for the past few days.