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11th of June 2023

Breaking the taboo of motherhood

Kathmandu. Motherhood is a process which almost every women go through but only seldom talked about. Each woman experiences a different story of joy and challenges which needs to talked about. To bring this message to the forefront, Purnima Singh Rana is proud to announce the launch of “Beyond Motherhood,” a social awareness program aimed at breaking the taboos of motherhood.

The event was held on 15th of April 2023 from 2 p.m. to 7 pm at the Malla Hotel. This program aimed to create awareness and provide guidance to women who are mothers or mothers to be and their spouse. The event featured panelists and speakers who have achieved great success in their respective fields, including medicine, business, politics and government services.

The Panelists included Dr. Niva Raj Adhikari, Dr Smrity Maskey, Dr. Sirjana Adhikari, Dr. Praniti Singh, Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya and Mrs Mridula Saria. The event was blessed with the presence of its guest of honour of the event, Mrs Rohini Rana (Former President of Army wives’ association, wife of former Chief of army staff of Nepali Army Gen Gaurav SJB Rana (retd) and Author of “The Rana cook book”) and celebrity Guest speaker Mrs Zenisha Moktan.

Participants of this event had the opportunity to learn from these women’s experiences and gain valuable insights into how they can balance their responsibilities as mothers with their professional aspirations. The program will also offer interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

The event was basically a carnival for a cause as it also featured fun pop up Market of food stalls and various other brands, a health camp by Norvic International Hospital and kids play zone by lego.

“When a child is born, so is the mother,” said Purnima Singh Rana, the organizer of the event. “Through this program, we want to empower women, help them break social taboos of motherhood and achieve great success in life.”


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