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28th of March 2023

Bio-diversity conservation ponds constructed inside community forests

Triveni. Conservation ponds have been built inside community forests having geographical linkage with the East-West Highway in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta-East).

Budget for the construction of conservation ponds inside the forests along the road stretch was made available through the Narayangarh-Butwal road expansion project.

As informed, financial arrangement was made for the community forests for preserving bio-diversity in compensation of the trees cut down in course of road expansion.

Information Officer at the Division Forest Office, Nawalpur, Hari Prasad Gautam, 27 community forests linked with the highway were asked to submit proposals for conserving bio-diversity.

The project itself had commissioned a study on the potential impacts in different areas while cutting down trees.

“The study revealed that the wildlife and environment would be affected due to tree cut-down. So, we invited plans from the community forests to address the impacts on bio-diversity. Most of the community forests submitted plans for constructing bio-diversity conservation ponds”.

He informed that 26 out of 27 community forests had submitted their plans for constructing ponds for preserving bio-diversity.


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