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28th of March 2023

Action against media violating election code of conduct

Kathmandu. A total of 35 media houses have disseminated and published different 36 news report against the election code of conduct so far from April 9 under the local-level election.

Similarly, four web-based news portals publishing and disseminating reports against the code of conduct have been banned from publishing and disseminating within Nepal.

The election code of conduct has been implemented from April 25 for local-level election. The Press Council Nepal has been monitoring the media houses across the nation at the request of the

Election Commission after the implementation of the election code of conduct.

Twenty-eight media including six newspapers, three radios, five televisions and 14 news portal have been directed and two online portals have been made aware after they disseminated materials against the election code of conduct even after the direction.

The Press Council has urged the media to be aware not to publish and disseminate materials defaming the prestige of political parties or candidates, not to spread false news and not to publish hate speech.


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